Cleansweep Carter!!!

Tyrone Carter wins 2018 Captain's day, Champion of Champions

and Order of Merit on a record breaking day at hot Knole Park GC

knole   cleansweep

 Full write up to follow:


And the winner is..........

Frank Baptiste beats Mark Henry 1up

to win the 2018 ACGA Singles title



Upcoming events:

2018 AGM Sunday 11th Novemeber

Wanstead GC @ 3pm sharp!




Welcome to the 2018 Season. 2018 is a very important year because it marks the association's 25th year.

his year we have selected some very challenging but good golf courses for you to test your skill and enjoy the company of fellow members and guests. In September we will be visiting Portugal to play the annual Champion of Champions tournament, our 6th major and celebrate 25 years of the ACGA.

I commend the hard working and diligent committee members who over the 25 years of this association's existence have freely given their time efforts and best intentions to ensure that the association has a history of which it can be proud.

This year's committee will continue to develop its focus so that we can provide and stage events to a high standard.

With an eye on our future, I remind you that this year will also mark the end of this current committee's tenure, so I look forward to a new committee taking over the reigns and continuing the good work and reputation of our golf society/association in 2019/20.

Yours in golf


Roger Goddard

ACGA Captain

The 2017/18 Committee

The team of individuals responsible for the management of season's events and activities for the association are nominated and elected by members at the Annual General Meeting with each officer required to serve for a two year term. The committee team work collectively to serve and develop the asssociation during their tenure, with an emphasis on continuing the aims and ethos of the association as a whole.

Captain - Roger Goddard

Vice Captain - Frank Skinner

Secretary - Colin Parson

Treasurer - Sophia Lodge

Handicap Secretary - Tyrone Carter

Social Secretary - Jacqui Harbour

Webmaster - Cassius Browne

Eleven original entrants for the 2018 Singles competition met at Radlett Park GC on Saturday 26th May for the qualification round. Seven golfers would be successful and go through to the quarter final draw with the defending champion Jacqui Harbor. After a hard fought battle we had our top seven qualifiers and the following draw came out of the hat:

Jacqueline Harbor v Mark Henry

Tye Carter v Micky Griffin

Frank Baptiste v Rafael Roberts

Ricky Coward v Keith Murray

Top scores on the day were Big Frank Baptiste with a nett 70, Ricky Cane Coward with a nett 72 and Tye Coach Carter with a nett 76.

The next round to be played at Mill Hill GC on Sunday 24th June.

Results from Mill Hill quarter final round:

Jacqueline Harbor v Mark Henry -  Mark Henry won 4&3

Tye Carter v Micky Griffin - Micky Griffiths prevailed at the 3rd extra hole

Frank Baptiste v Rafael Roberts - Frank Baptiste won on last hole

Ricky Coward v Keith Murray - Keith Murray won 4&3

Semi-Final Draw

Keith Murray v Frank Baptiste

Mark Henry v Mickey Griffin

Congratulations to all the semi-finalists. Dates for semi-finals to be confirmed




  Oxfordshire Burnham Aldwickbury Nevill Moor Park Portugal Knole TOTAL Best 6 Results
Tyrone Carter 50 45 80 65 45 100 100 485 440
Frank SKINNER 70 85 85 80   85   405 405
Cassius Browne 65   65 40 60 75 85 390 390
Keith Murray 80 50 40 70 32 60 80 412 380
Stuart Austrie   38 75 34 38 80 90 355 355
Steve Garner 26 40 90 26 80   75 337 337
Ricky Coward 90 100 24 22   70 28 334 334
Frank BAPTISTE 30 16 60 30 50 90 24 300 284
Austin   Simmonds 75 80   90 22   12 279 279
Roger Goddard   36 100 75     65 276 276
Andy   Ferdinand 28 14   85 20 55 60 262 262
Tony Johnson 36 65 50 50 36   18 255 255
Colin Parson   70   55 75   45 245 245
Dean Witter   60 70 28 85     243 243
Jacqui Harbor 24 34 20 20 55 50 32 235 235
Gary Hobbs 60 90 22       50 222 222
Cora Edwards 45   28   34 45 55 207 207
Don McLeod 85 22       38 40 185 185
Malcolm   O'Garro   8 36   70   70 184 184
Mickey Griffin 22 12 12 100 24   14 184 184
Del   Manderson 100 24 14 18 18   10 184 184
Mike Woodstock   32 38   100     170 170
Phil Nugent 35     12 90   30 167 167
Terry Morris 38 18 32 32 28   16 164 164
Yvonne Brown 34     60   65   159 159
Greg Worrell   6 55 24 40   20 145 145
Sophia Lodge 40 20 26   16 40   142 142
Mark Henry 55     45     38 138 138
Richard Payne   4 10 16 65   34 129 129
Ingrid Clarke 20 30 18     36 22 126 126
Daniel Jones   75 45         120 120
Raf Roberts 18 10 30   30   26 114 114
Mayhe Bernard   55   36     8 99 99
Patrick Winkle 32 26   14     6 78 78
Ray Johnson   2     26 34   62 62
Bose Sreedham   28 16         44 44
Chris   Thomas   2         36 38 38
Ernie Owusu       38       38 38
Wayne   Callender     34         34 34
William   Burnett 16             16 16
Wilf Solomon     8         8 8

Del earns his Masters at Oxford!!

  ox5                    ox4    

Traditionally, the first ACGA major of the year is a weekender and coincides with the first PGA major, the Masters. It was difficult to distinguish between the two stellar international fields assembled either side of the Atlantic. Would the golfing public concentrate on Jordan, Patrick,, Rory and the returning Tiger? or would the presence of Raf, Phillo, Tye, Tezza and TJ prove too strong a draw? Ultimately, the weather in Augusta drew most of the crowd, but all the excitement was present at the Oxfordshire Golf Club. Now back to reality……..

Twenty six golfers assembled on a mild, cloudy day, and once we’d had all the greetings, introductions, betting and general complaints about who hasn’t been playing and who needs “cutting”, it was down to business. Vice Captain Frank Skinner opened proceedings and then off all the competitors went to warm up and carry out last minute tune ups.

 ox2                    ox3

Twenty six golfers initially set off to claim the prize and bragging rights, but only twenty five completed the journey on the Saturday. Steve “Controversy” Garner pulling up lame with a touch of back trouble (probably caused by being out-driven by Cora…… or so Cora reliably informs me). The Oxfordshire was playing long and difficult. The wind, course length and difficult to read greens made scoring well a challenging proposition. 29 points was a popular score with four players hitting that mark. However, one or two players rose above the mayhem and pulled clear of the also-rans. Del Manderson, doing his best impersonation of Ray Charles, led the way with 35 points. Tony “TJ” Johnson was well placed with 34 points, closely followed by Ricky Coward (32pts) and Gary Hobbs (31pts).

Dinner and the evening’s entertainment were of a high standard. The meal was well received by all members and their guests. The after dinner presentations and the usual banter that followed were also a highlight. Special mention must go to TJ who gave a heartfelt talk on the life-saving importance of all men being checked for prostate irregularities. This is a charity that is very dear to the ACGA’s heart and the more we can do, the better it will get.

By Sunday morning, the weather had changed and had become dull and misty. Light rain fell for the rest of the day, but at least the wind had died down. Unfortunately, twenty five players were reduced to twenty four, as Raf Roberts also had to pull out with back trouble. This time, Cora’s long driving couldn’t be blamed. Raf was disappointed that he couldn’t pay out all his bets, but rest assured he has asked for them to be rolled over to the next event he attends…. The course played slightly easier, as the scores reflected. Austin “I only ever score 30 points…” Simmonds scored a creditable 36 points. In fact, nearly half the field scored more than 29pts, which was in stark contrast to Saturday.

After all the scores came in there was only ever going to be one winner. Del Manderson followed his 35pt round on Saturday with 38pts, to win by 9 points over Ricky Coward in 2nd place (32 + 32pts). Donald McLeod was 3rd (29 + 35pts). Special mention here to Donald, who was in pain for most of Saturday’s round and all of Sunday’s, with a recurrence of an old injury. However, he soldiered on to produce a great score. Beware the wounded golfer……

In his winner’s speech, Del thanked Tyrone “Coach” Carter for the hours of lessons over the past few months. They obviously paid off, although I'm not sure he'll be thanking him for his new handicap...Frank brought proceedings to an end, and it’s onwards and upwards to Burnham Beeches on the 11th May. Incidentally, for those interested, some guy called Patrick Reed won that other tournament that was going on at the same time as ours….

36 golfers arrived at Burnham Beeches golf club to play 27 holes of competitive golf. This was a large field and all the big hitting favourites and recent past winners were in attendance. However the eventual winner was a surprise to everyone. The day started off slightly overcast and cool, slowly rising to 17 degrees. The format was 9 holes in the morning followed by 18 holes stapleford.

The course was playing long and difficult. As the morning nine hole scores came in, there was a good bunching of players between 15 and 17 points, with Keith Murray leading for most of the morning on 18, however a surprising name came in with 22 points and that person was none other than Ricky Coward, a stalwart member of the club with a unique approach to addressing the golf ball before hitting it.

So having been refreshed by lunch time feeding, the players went out to try and catch or overtake Ricky’s 4 point lead. However, many of us found the afternoon conditions more difficult fir scoring, and with Ricky scoring a extremely competitive 32 points, he maintained his lead and became the eventual winner.

As ever the evening meal was filled with the usual banter and fun. Gary Hobbs and Frank Skinner came 2nd and 3rd with Gary closing the gap to 2 points on Ricky. Tye Carter and Ricky Coward (again???) took the nearest the pin prizes.


Special mention must go to Burnham Beeches staff and golf course for it’s welcoming atmosphere and pristine course.

Our next event is 27 holes at Alwickbury golf club on 1st June


Without any apologies to Manchester United fans, when we think of Nevill, we do not think well manicured, easy on the eye and charming. We do however think competitive and challenging. Well the ACGA members got all those attributes in equal measure at the Nevill Golf Club in Kent on Friday, at 2018 Major No. 4. That’s enough of the football theme, although Friday was also the day that the World Cup quarter-finals started and in line with all the hype over that, everyone wanted to see who would be singing “it’s coming home” at the end of the day once 27 holes had been negotiated. This was the hottest ACGA event for a number of years in terms of the weather, and the majority were glad this was only a 27 hole event, with no extra time or penalties to worry about…. Anyway, enough about the football…

Captain Roger Goddard initiated proceedings with his welcome speech, which was punctuated by the immortal words of “what’s everyone else having?” when a tray of 14 bacon rolls were put down next to Big Frank Baptiste. Everyone then got down to business, with no need for a toss of a coin or last minute instructions from a referee. Unusually for an ACGA event, the 18 holes were played first, followed by 9 holes in the afternoon. This was definitely the preferred format, as it would have been difficult to play 18 holes in the middle of the afternoon without a drinks break, with the temperature nudging 30 degrees! Not wanting to talk football again, but how on earth will they play the World Cup in Quatar in 2022???

At half time, on what was an interesting layout that favoured the straight hitter, four players were tied for the lead. Frank Skinner, Mickey Griffin, Keith “Birthday Boy” Murray (more on that later), and The Carter. Mickey played well and made the most of his handicap. He also demonstrated his version of the Tiger Woods stinger - which has been christened the Skimmer - to his incredulous playing partners Mark, Colin and Cassius, who could only look across at each other with the look of meerkats who have been taken by surprise. There were also some notable low scores, with Steve Controversy Garner coming in with 20 points. Maybe the pressure of playing with the Mighty Andy Ferdinand, and being a pre-tournament favourite proved too much. Who said the minnows never win matches??

Once everyone had been fed and definitely watered, it was back out for the second half,  to see who could maintain their form and bring it home in the heat, which showed no signs of easing. At full time, Once all the scores were in, gallons of liquid drunk, excuses made and requests for VAR dismissed, there was only one winner. On a day when there was talk of hosepipe bans and a water shortage, it was a plumber who came out on top to lift the Jules Rimet trophy. Mickey “Dancehall” Griffin maintained his form and kept cramp at bay, by following his morning round with 19 points in the afternoon. In 2nd place was Austin Simmonds with 19 points following his earlier 30. In 3rd place was Andy Ferdinand with scores of 31 and 18 points, beating the increasingly consistent Frank Skinner on countback. Mickey is definitely one of our own and a long-time ACGA stalwart. It was also his first ACGA Major win having come agonisingly close a few years ago on an equally hot day at The Drift GC. Much like England’s FIFA ranking, Mickey’s handicap will be coming down appreciably after this result.

Nearest the pins went to Dean Witter and Austin Simmonds.

Prior to the presentation, our usual “blob” money was collected, and the grand total of £94 either shows that our golf is collectively not improving, or we are just a really generous group of golfers. As mentioned briefly earlier, Friday was also Keeeeeeeith Murray’s birthday and in typical flash footballer fashion, he bought several bottles of the finest house Prosecco and shared it amongst all the group. Stuart Austrie somewhat harshly observed that it was probably the thought of buying those drinks that stopped Keith from following up on his morning round score..

This was another highly successful ACGA event, with the great course, friendly staff and blistering weather all contributing to what was a great day.

It is now onwards and upwards to Moor Park GC in August, when we can all look forward to the return of the Premier League…..

The town of Tavira is a part of Portugal that is forever German. However, after this weekend it will definitely be remembered as a place the ACGA left an indelible mark on a European golfing venue. The Robinson’s Resort Hotel and associated Golf Courses, Quinta da Ria and Quinta Da Cima has historically always been mainly frequented by German visitors, so the curiosity levels were high when the eighteen ACGA members and guests arrived to mark the 25th anniversary of the founding of this great golfing association.

Fourteen golfers made up the field of golfers looking to put their name on the prestigious 25th anniversary trophy. There were founder members such as Frank Skinner, stalwarts such as Tye Carter, Jacqui Harbor, Keith Murray and Andy Ferdinand. There were also returning members such as Big Frank Baptiste, and newer members like Yvonne Brown. With the temperature hitting 30 degrees it promised to be a hot and challenging weekend on two contrasting but high quality golf courses.

The first round on Friday took place on the Quinta da Ria course. This plays along the coast and it was difficult to concentrate just on the golf, as there were some spectacular views along the coastline and out to sea. There was water aplenty which made for interesting strategies being deployed by certain members. There was also the coastal breeze to take into account, adding to the overall challenge. A few members had played a practice round (or two), but looking at the results from the first day I’m not sure they were of any help, as only one or two managed to really take the course on and post competitive scores. Tyrone Coach Carter led the way with 36 points, closely followed by Big Stuart Austrie and Frank Bacon Bap-tiste with 33 points, and Little Frank Skinner with 32 points.

Dinner Friday night highlighted what the ACGA is all about. Plenty of good food, drink, banter and laughter in equal measures made for a very enjoyable evening. Fellow hotel guests commented on the liveliness and friendliness of the ACGA group and many asked where we were visiting from. I don’t think they realised before that “Brits” could be such great company. Maybe if we had come out here earlier and more often, and visited other European countries, there would have been no need for Brexit!....But I digress….

Once the entertainment had finished, the groups for Saturday were named, and as usual went out in reverse order:

Sophia, Donald, Ingrid

Andy, Yvonne, Cora

Ricky, Jacqui, Cass, Keith

And last, but not least, the Group of Death – Tyrone, Frank S, Frank B and Stuart.

After getting so many friendly tips from his playing partners for a lot of the season, Frank B quickly came to realise that when you’re competing in the leading group, it’s a VERY lonely place…. The same could also be said of Donald and Andy, who found themselves in the Gender minority in their groups. How times have changed....

Saturday’s course, Quinta da Cima, was a totally different proposition from Friday’s. It was a more inland Parkland course, which was long with more sand (bunkers) than I’ve seen on many a beach in England! The weather was also at its hottest, so the round became a war of attrition to see who could last and keep their cool to the end. Ultimately, just to prove that class is permanent and to seal his return to form, Tyrone Carter held off a charge from Frank B to claim the prize by three points. Both Frank B and Tye scored 33 points. Frank B won the day on countback and finished 2nd overall. Yvonne, Frank and Cassius scored 30 points on the day with Frank coming 3rd overall and Yvonne placing 3rd on the day. Stuart scored 29 points to come 3rd overall:

Final Placings

Tyrone Carter – 69 points

Frank Baptiste – 66 points

Frank Skinner – 62 points

Dinner on Saturday, if anything, was an even more enjoyable occasion than Friday. Tye’s winner’s speech and Frank’s closing presentation summed up the great friendships and camaraderie that says everything about the ACGA. A great attempt was made to eat and drink the place dry, but not even Mr Baptise could put a dent in the excellent selection of flavours put on by the hotel staff. A special mention must go to the staff of the Robinson’s resort, which could not do enough to make us all feel at home. This was a great way to celebrate the occasion of the ACGA’s 25th anniversary, and I for one am honoured to be able to say that I am a member and that I was there. We would also like to thank our guests Alison Ferdinand, Sylvia Skinner, Sophie Austrie and Danny Ray for also attending the weekend and helping to make it a very special weekend for all. Hopefully they enjoyed the weekend as much as we members did.

Onwards and upwards to Knole Park for the Captain’s Day / Champion of Champions, and to bring the curtain down on another excellent season.

The 2018 membership fee has been reduced to £65. Could all members please remember to update their contact details (email addresses and telephone numbers) when they re-register.

All renewals must be received by 31st March 2018; failing to renew memberships by the aforementioned date, you will automatically become an associate member and will not qualify to win any MAJORS

until you re-qualify by playing 2 MAJORS as a guest. All queries are to be addressed to the ACGA Treasurer.

All payments must be notified to email address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by phone to 07702 684 599; Bank transfers are to be sent to Bank Ac 62271036 and Sort Code 401505, all cheques are to

be addressed to “Treasurer, 12 Valley Walk, Croxley Green. Hertfordshire. WD3 3SY.”


The Committee


Quote for the 2017 Golfing season: “Success is no accident; it is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are learning to do” Pele

Quote for 2017 Growth initiative: “A positive attitude causes a chain reaction of positive thoughts, events and outcomes, It is a catalyst and it sparks extraordinary results”

Wade Boggs (Baseball player; Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees)


In order, to assist with the much needed growth of the ACGA, it has been agreed by the 2017 Committee to offer the current membership an incentive(s) for introducing new members:

Members who invite a guest to a society day; who then subsequently becomes a full member;

  1. Where the new member is younger than 40 years old, the membership renewal the following year for the introducing member is reduced by £40; or
  2. Where the new member is female, their membership renewal the following year for the introducing member is reduced by £40; and
  3. Where the new member falls outside the categories above, the membership renewal the following year for the introducing member is reduced by £30.

All existing members should let the Vice-Captain at email address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. know of any intention in relation to the above;

all potential new members should download the ACGA application form from the website  and forward to the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   for membership consideration in the usual way.



Frank Skinner and Tony (TJ) Johnson 

Two of the founders of the ACGA were recognised and awarded Honorary Life Membership (HLM)

of the ACGA during the presentation ceremony at Harpenden GC. Wilf Solomon was also recognised

and awarded Honorary Life Membership for his contribution to setting up the financial management

of the society that has been instrumental in it running successfully to this day.

Congratulations, huge gratitude and respect from all the past, present and future members.

Coach Carter delivers!!


Tyrone Carter

Our esteemed Handicap Secretary was crowned

Hertfordshire County Seniors Champion


The competition took place at Sandy Lodge GC this week, with Tye coming

out on top after scores of 74 and 71 for an overall total of 145 (3 over)

Congratulations Tyrone, the whole Society is proud of you..


PositionPlayerPointsNo. of
Best Scores (Ascending)
1 Goddard, Roger 495 6 75 80 80 80 90 90
2 Skinner, Frank 384 6 24 50 65 65 80 100
3 Carter, Tyrone 377 5 32 75 85 85 100  
4 Austrie, Stuart 363 6 30 38 40 85 85 85
5 Garner, Steve 358 6 38 45 50 60 80 85

Overall Position


No of Majors



Colin Parson

6 439


Frank Skinner



Terry Morris

6 400


Don McLeod

6 379


Keith Murray



Overall Position


No of Majors



Keith Murray

6 372


George Grant



Gary Cameron

5 365


Randy Plowright

4 345


Raf Roberts