It is unnecessary to list all the aspects of appropriate behaviour in our Association, however, the Committee and members of the ACGA expect the highest level of courtesy and good behaviour on and about the course. As a member, you and your guests ought to behave in a thoroughly responsible manner. It is in all our interest to maintain reasonable standards of dress and behaviour in keeping with national golf traditions.

To enjoy the game of golf, we should know and abide by the rules of the game.  However, there are also "rules" for behaviour expected before, during and after our round of golf.  This guide is to assist you in understanding the unwritten rules of golf etiquette.

General Etiquette

Good golf etiquette should be practiced on the course, in the clubhouse and at all other areas of the facility.

  • All local rules, as displayed in the clubhouse or on the scorecard must be adhered to without exception.

  • Appropriate courtesy and demeanour is essential so that players can enjoy their game and compete fairly.

  • Show respect to fellow golfers and Golf course staff.

  • Observe and respect our dress code

  • Only "soft spiked" shoes are allowed.

  • Changing in the Car Park is not permitted.

  • Always stand still and be quiet when another player is ready to hit.

  • Control your temper! Golf clubs are not helicopter blades and could cause injury.!
  • Arriving early will allow plenty of time for changing shoes, changing clothes.
  • Allow plenty of time for your warm up and practice on the driving range.
  • Be on time. Arrive at your starting hole 5 minutes in advance of your scheduled tee time.

  • Be ready to play when it is your turn.


  • Be on time. Arrive at your starting hole 5 minutes in advance of your scheduled tee time.

  • Any player not on the first tee and ready to play at his groups allocated time, his partners will tee-off (assuming the group in front are clear) and the late player(s) will have to walk the first hole, or as many holes as he/she needs to catch-up to his/her playing partners.  Even if a player has just rushed onto the tee, if he/she is not ready to play after his partners have already teed-off, he/she must walk the hole.

  • Once his playing partners have left the tee, he/she must not play that particular hole and will therefore receive no points for that hole(s).

 Slow play affects everyone playing behind you. A conscious effort to play in a timely manner will make golf more enjoyable for everyone.

  • Take your practice swings in advance of your turn to hit the ball.

  • Be ready to hit when it is your turn.

  • Proceed to your ball as soon as it is safe to do so.

  • No player shall play until the group in front are out of range.

  • Mark your score only after you leave the green.

  • Be aware that if there is a hole open in front of you, you may be playing too slow.

  • Players behind must be let through if you are delayed as a consequence of looking for your ball.

  • In every case, no more than five minutes can be spent searching for your ball.

  • If a during a match a group fails to keep its place and loses in distance by one clear hole on those in front, then the group should stand aside to allow the following group to play through on request being made.

  • Each ACGA group is allocated 4½ hours to complete a round of 18 holes as a standard. Thereafter a penalty of one stableford point for lateness and lateness and each 15 minutes in excess of the agreed standard time will be levied on the group.

  •  Mark Scorecards only after you have left the green
  • The number of shots must be recorded by the marker of the scorecard

  • All scorecards must be signed by both player and marker

  • Competitors are responsible for checking their scorecards are correct, before signing.

  • Competitors must return their scorecards to the Handicap Secretary or designated ACGA personnel at the end of a round.

  • Competitors are responsible for ensuring their cards are handed in

  • If a scorecard is not handed in, then player will be awarded a None Return (e.g. his/her score will not count)

  • DO NOT mark more than two scores (i.e. only marker and player - not your entire group)

  • If you are in still in doubt please consult the marshall in your group or a committee member

  • Leave the course as you found it.
  • Mobile phones may not be used on the course or in the clubhouse

Fairways, Roughs and Fringes

  • Do not spend an unreasonable amount of time to determine the yardage.

  • Minimise the damage you do to the course with your practice shots.

  • Replace any divots you have made and plug marks you see, whether it is yours or not.

  • Allow any golfer who may have hit into your fairway to take their next shot before you do.

  • Observe the rules designated for golf carts.

  • The rules allow you 5 minutes only to search for a lost ball.

  • Allow the group behind you to go through if your search for a lost ball is holding them up.


  • Do not jump into bunkers - enter from the low side.

  • Take only one club into the bunker and rake your footsteps upon leaving.

  • Leave the rake behind, in the bunker - never in front of it.


  • Do not drag your feet - spike marks can cause damage to the greens.

  • Do not walk on the line of other players' putts.

  • Bags should never be placed on the green.

  • Leave the green once you have holed the putt and mark your score at the next tee.

  • Without interfering with other players, attempt to align your putt while others are aligning theirs.

  • Remain as still and quiet as possible while other players are putting.

Golf Carts

  • Become familiar with the warning and instruction labels on the cart.

  • No more than two people on any cart at any time.

  • Never drive a cart on or near a putting green.

  • Use extreme caution and proceed slowly on severe hills and turns.

  • Always set the parking brake when leaving the cart.

Course Marshall's are there to assure your round of golf is playing safely and in a timely manner.

  • Respect their decisions.

  • Don't argue with them.

  • Register any complaints about groups with the Marshall, not the other players.