Members are asked to follow the strict dress code applied by golf clubs and to advise their guests playing the course.

Most golf clubs wish to preserve a "smart but casual" approach based on clothing that is principally designed for golf.  As, however, dress sense is a highly subjective topic, the ACGA have applied the following standards of dress:

Trousers:  Any type of colour denim, paramilitary/Cargo style trousers, tracksuits, leggings and shell suits are not permitted.

Shorts: Shorts must be Bermuda length tailored shorts.  The colour and length of sock is as stipulated by the particular golf club.

Shirts:  Shirts must be tucked into trousers, shorts or skirts, ladies may choose to wear shirts specifically designed as an over shirt.

Shoes: Trainers are not considered appropriate in the Clubhouse.

Caps: Golfing caps must be worn with the peek squarely at the front and must be removed before entering the club house.

Changing Facilities: Changing in the Car park is not permitted

Mobile: Mobile phones may not be used on the course or in the clubhouse.

Smoking:  Smoking is prohibited in all areas of the clubhouse and is in line with government legislation.

Presentations:  A jacket and ACGA ties are required for all AGCA events unless otherwise stipulated. At all other times, smart casual attire is appropriate.

The implementation of this dress code is primarily the responsibility of the Committee. It is expected that the implementation of this code will be effected with courtesy and common sense. However, those who knowingly disregard the dress code may be asked by a member of the Committee to leave or refrain from entering certain areas of the clubhouse.

Thank you in advance for your co-operation in adhering to our association dress code.