Major 5 - Moor Park 2019

"Bruno" by knockout - Frank Baptiste masters Moor Park for his maiden Major win

2nd August 2019

The ACGA’s mid-summer major is usually the least populated due to holidays and other seasonal events. However this year, the ACGA took to Moor Park with a full field of 40 competitors, comprising of 32 members and 8 guests (including a few old faces making a return). This follows the recent trend of vastly improved numbers supporting the ACGA this year.

Moor Park is an elite golf course, which is always immaculately presented, and for the 2nd year running it did not disappoint. Once the usual Captain’s greetings, sweep collection and bookie’s duties were completed, the field took to the course for what turned out to be a stiff examination of our collective golfing skills. At most events, there will be a standout player who scores well and comfortably beats the field. However, on this occasion, almost half the field were separated by no more than seven points. This was testament to the level of challenge Moor Park presented to all areas of your game, from off the tee to putting. With over half the field in, Andy Ferdinand led the way with 32 points, and seemingly on his was to his first major win. Fortunately…….. I mean unfortunately, the heavy hitters were all contained within the later groups, and Andy’s lead was slowly overtaken, leaving him still stuck on that “nearly won a major” pedestal. Once all the scores were in, bets settled and scores checked, a recent heavy scoring ultra-heavyweight  delivered the knockout punch. Frank Baptiste was the proud winner of his first seasonal major with a score of 36 points, which he can add to his first singles title last season. If he carries on like this, his dream of being a greatly improved golfer with a single figure handicap will come true (maybe sooner than he thinks). In 2nd place was Mickey Griffin with 34pts, Raf Roberts continued his recent good form in 3rd place (33pts). Greg Worrell placed 4th with a long overdue top 5 placing (also 33pts), and in 5th place, the early leader Andy Ferdinand (32pts). It should be noted at this point that the combined height of the runners up still didn’t add up to the height of our eventual winner. Here’s to the Little Man…

In keeping with recent events, and due to the increased guest numbers, it was decided to award a prize to the overall highest placed guest. This was taken by Gerry Anderson who scored a creditable 36 points. Apparently he gave his group a masterclass in how to get up and down from bunkers, which he did on at least half a dozen occasions. Well played Gerry.

The nearest the pin prizes were taken by Andy Ferdinand and Frank Skinner

As usual the blob money was collected for donation to our long-time chosen charity, Prostate Cancer UK. Despite all the practicing and big chat, we never fail to give generously, and a total of £116 was collected on the day. It’s getting to the point where if we decided to donate £1 for each hole we SCORED on, I doubt more money would be collected………..#givingtoofreely.

Onwards and upwards to the September major at Ashbury Park on 20-20 September.

1 Frank Baptist 36
2 Mickey Griffin 34
3 Raf Roberts 33
4 Greg Worrell 33
5 Andy Ferdinand 32
6 Cassius Browne 31
7 Keith Murray 30
8 Tony Johnson 30
9 Karen Dorato 30
10 Phil Nugent 30
11 Stuart Austrie 30
12 Franks Skinner 29
13 Sophia Lodge 29
14 Steve Garner 28
15 Colin Parson 28
16 Ingrid Clarke 27
17 Chris Thomas 27
18 Roger Goddard 27
19 Richard Payne 27
20 Lynette Mapp  26
21 Del Manderson 26
22 Mayhe Bernard 25
23 Ernie Owusu 25
24 Cora Edwards 23
25 Zac Sargusingh 22
26 Terry Morris 22
27 Alistair Phillips 22
28 Jacqui Harbor 20
29 Yvonne Brown 16
30 Cedi Frederick 16