Question: Do I have to be a good golfer to become a member of the association?

Answer: The answer is no you don't. Many of our members have started as beginners. However to give you an idea of the maximum playing handicaps we have maximum of: Juniors 36, Ladies 28 and Men 24. With a course Par of 70 you can gauge your ability by deducting those maximums from your total score. To play to that maximum you will need to have a net score of around 70. e.g. for Men total score 94 - 24 strokes for handicap = 70.

Question: Do I have to be a member to participate in many competitions!

Answer: Ultimately the choice is yours, you can play occassionally as a guest or are open to join as a full member. If you take a look at our website you can see that we hold a variety of events each year. Although guests can take part in events, in order to compete in competitions you are required to be a member. You can tailor your golfing needs around the amount of golf you wish to play. If you are not a club member you will be given a society handicap.

Question: I would like to become a member, but I don't feel I know enough about all the rules and Regulations!

Answer: Many of our members are experienced golfers and our aim is to grow our association. As with any sport it takes time to become familiar with the rules, our association is a friendly and welcoming golfing environment in which to enjoy and learn the many facets of golf. Our Handicap Secretary is always available to answer any questions relating to any subject or element of the game and rules itself. All new members receive a New Members Induction pack which includes a Rules of Golf  Book which they can use and refer to on the golf course.